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Do you mass produce your products?
No. All of our merchandise is designed and manufactured on-demand in the United States. We do not keep a bulk of inventory on the shelves. Once you place your order, we send the order details to our facility where hard working Americans create the highest quality product possible for you. 

What stores can I purchase you products in?
None of our products are sold in stores and can only be purchased at NeedThisPlease.com. This makes our products very unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones. 

Where do you get your designs?
Our designs are created by people just like you. We brainstorm phrases and designs, and then create them in professional digital graphics software. After the design is complete, we print or dye the design onto the final product.

Will the charms fit a pandora bracelet?
Yes! Our charms will fit a pandora bracelet.

Will the charms fit the bangle or necklace?
No, they will not. The charms are smaller than the bangle and necklace. If you would like a charm bracelet, you can find our luxury charm bracelet here.


How much is shipping?
This depends on the products ordered and their weight. Typically, shipping costs are between $3 - $8 for domestic delivery. Worldwide shipping typically costs between $8 - $20.

Occasionally, we offer "FREE SHIPPING" promotions. If we are currently offering a promotion you can find it in the banner at the top of the website.

How long will it take my product to arrive?
Our products are not mass produced, and therefore, are made-to-order. Please see the list below for production and shipping times:

  • Jewelry
    • 1 to 3 days production
    • 2 to 5 days for domestic shipping
  • Mugs
    • 2 to 3 days production
    • 1 to 7 days domestic shipping

For any product not listed, it usually takes about 1 to 5 days to make and another 3 to 10 days to arrive using standard ground delivery. International shipments may take longer.

Why did my purchases come in multiple deliveries?
Since our products are made-to-order, we ship them as soon as they are ready. If you ordered more than one product, there is a chance it may come in multiple deliveries to ensure you get them as quickly as possible.


I made a mistake on my order, can I change it?
If this happens to you, email us at support@needthisplease.com as quickly as possible. If your product has not been made yet, we'll be able to correct your order. Since our products are made on-demand, we cannot change or refund any order after it has been produced.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards through the Stripe powered Shopify payment system. We also accept PayPal.

My product was damaged in shipping. What can I do?
If this happens to you, please email us within 72 hours at support@needthisplease.com and we'll re-make your order. We guarantee quality on delivery.

Can I return my product for a refund?
Please reference our Refunds & Return policy for an answer to this question.


If you need any help whatsoever, please email us at support@needthisplease.com. We are standing by to help!